The Supreme Court Law Library has compiled scanned copies of advisory opinions for this website. The Law Library also keeps a print collection of the advisory opinions from 1985 to the present, which we can provide to you upon request. For some years listed below, it is possible that no advisory opinions were issued. Please contact us for assistance.

Since 1986, the Supreme Court-appointed New Mexico Advisory Committee on the Code of Judicial Conduct has responded to inquiries from judges seeking guidance on judicial ethics questions on a variety of topics, including volunteer work, conflict of interest, recusal, politics, and extra-judicial activity, among others. The Committee may respond to inquiries in the form of advisory opinion letters, which are not issued, approved, or endorsed by the New Mexico Supreme Court; nor are they binding.

The Code of Judicial Conduct has been revised several times. Please note:

From 2012-Present: Advisory opinions are based on the 2012 Code of Judicial Conduct that was adopted by the New Mexico Supreme Court effective January 1, 2012, as amended. The Code of Judicial Conduct is found in Rule Set 21 of the New Mexico Rules Annotated (NMRA). Pursuant to Supreme Court Order No. 11-8300-045, the former Judicial Code of Conduct was recompiled, effective January 1, 2012. See the Table of Corresponding Rules for the Code of Judicial Conduct in the current NMRA for former rule numbers and the parallel new rule numbers.

Between 1995 and 2011: Advisory opinions were based on the 1995 Code of Judicial Conduct.

Before 1995: Advisory opinions were based on the pre-1995 Code of Judicial Conduct.